Manage your company's financial statements, send estimate (quotation) or invoice on-the-go.

  • Perform quick quotation, sales order, invoicing & delivery note anywhere at anytime?
  • Manage your office accounting while away from your office?
  • Perform real-time quotation, sales order, invoicing or delivery note updates in your customer's office?
  • Choose to go online instead of printing sales order book or invoice book (save on printing cost)?
  • Generate & check financial reports on-the-go?

Introducing is a hosting provider incorporating website with frontaccounting (fa) application. For those who need a website & a simple accounting application online (on-the-go), we are the platform for it. We will do all the tedious technology back-end work like setup and installation while you enjoy the use of a simple yet powerful accounting application that you can access anytime anywhere.

We in cares for you; technologically, while you have full control of frontaccounting application & it's database. Decision maker is able to make better decisions with update-to-date reporting. Head of department is able to assess & ensure ready stocks to provide better customer service.

Under our hosting, you have an option to your own private domain name (,, or .my) or the use of our generic sub-domain name. Under normal operation circumstances, many companies do not use their own domain name to host their accounting application as it is best to have a separate domain solely for accounting purposes thus our generic sub-domain name comes in handy for your convenient.

Introducing frontaccounting (fa).

Frontaccounting is an ERP accounting & billing application designed for micro enterprises, small and medium sized companies. It is a web based application so it is always online accessible on the internet. It is a simple, but powerful system for the entire company. Plus, users have full control of the application where backup & restore of it's database anytime anywhere. Unlimited set of company accounts, unlimited stocks, unlimited invoice, unlimited user access are some of the highlighted features offered in frontacccounting.

Users can choose to access the system inventory and billing module themselves & the nitty-gritty accounting part be handled by their outsourced accountant. Frontaccounting allow unlimited users with distributed access rights according to their roles. All these can be configured within our hosted frontaccounting ERP application.

FrontAccounting features:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Receivable Notes
  • Suppliers Invoices & Credit Notes
  • Payments
  • Allocations
  • Accounts Payable
  • Items & Inventory
  • Sales order
  • Customer Invoices & Credit Notes
  • Deposits
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Dimensions
  • Stock
  • General Ledger with Budget
  • Manufacturing
  • Fixed Asset
  • Currencies
  • Reporting
  • Multi Companies
  • Multi Languages

It's database is placed anywhere in the world and can be reached from everywhere. It is accessible online via the internet (world wide web).

Journal Entry

Journal Entry, can be used to enter specific transaction or multiple transactions. You can use up to two dimensions per transaction to keep track of example cost centres, departments, projects or defined by you. It's own memo on every transaction line entry. Once a Jornal Entry is balance, it can be saved and updated.

Journal entry sample


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