About Us

who are we and what we do.


Bizbit.com.my is managed & administered by Debiz Enterprise, a small enterprise company established in 2002. Up till today, we have many years of hosting experience & our core business is into IT (information technology) that deals with main server setup (planning & implementation), networking, setting up point-of-sales (POS) hardware & application, software distribution & lastly, website hosting.

Our vision

We started as a small enterprise & well understood it's challenges. As digital era advances, we have the advantage of using digital application to deal & operate our daily business operations; for example making your company present felt to the whole world through the internet, leveraging emails as our communication tool & an online billing / invoicing plus accounting ERP application for all our accounting needs. In bizbit.com.my, we provide all of the these platforms at an affordable price.

Get business started digitally at affordable price and move towards success.

Our Journey

Similar to any other operating company, we need to embark into digital technology to run our business. With this in mind, we wanted to generate or revised our invoices or billing immediately without having to go back to the office to generate such documents thus, time is being delayed. It made sense to us that we would need an online accounting ERP system where it is always online 24/7 & is able to generate bills or invoices almost immediately & directly email from the application to customer using the internet.

The idea of integration of web hosting & accounting ERP system been setup. Our company is not an accounting firm but solution based provider.